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Refund Policy

De Skanus is committed to supplying high quality products at affordable prices. In case that if you are not completely satisfied with the products or quality of the products you can inform us or send a mail at support@deskanus.com , we allow you to Initiate a refund within 14 days of delivery. In all matters related to cancellation and refund De Skanus will take the final decision.

There are Certain Situations Where Refund are Sanctioned:

Money back shall be made under following conditions:

  1. When the order has been cancelled.
  2. Due to non-availability of the product, the product has not been delivered to the recipient.
  3. Due to lack of product quality assurance
  4. If there is a problem with the quality of the product being delivered?
  5. If there is any unsatisfactory situation regarding the quality of the product being delivered, we will ask about the same and if it is found to be true, the consumer will get a full refund or the product will be replaced.
  6. Any discounted or exempted amount cannot be claimed for refund.

De Skanus is Not Responsible and Give Refund for Such Conditions:

  1. No refund are allowed if Cakes, Flowers, Flowers bouquet, Gift or any other products are delivered to wrong address given by the recipient.
  2. No return is allowed however, in case if an erroneous, faulty or defective product has been sent. in that condition Notify us as soon as possible or you can contact us at support@deskanus.com
  3. If the recipient is not available at the time of delivery.
  4. If the receiver decline to accept the delivery.
  5. If application is originated after 5 business days of product delivery.
  6. We are not accountable if the product damage due to improper handling of sender.
  7. If product quality assurance issue generated by inappropriate handling of the items.
  8. Complete money back for cancellation is permitted if made 24 hours or more prior to the planned delivery date. No money back will be made once the 24 hour delivery window starts.
  9. If we are not able to deliver your entire order, we shall inform you immediately and give your entire money back.
  10. Refund shall be initiated within 48 hours of receiving the request and the payment would be credited within 5-7 working days via the same mode as used while making the booking.

After Submitting the Cancellation Request Kindly Mention the Following Details

  1. If you write a Product Cancellation mail, subject should be "Cancellation Request".
  2. Cancellation shall be started after formal order cancellation request is received at support@deskanus.com
  3. You need to mention Order ID
  4. You have to explain reason for the order cancellation.
  5. Give your account detail refund will be processed on the same card.
  6. You can send Cancellation mail to support@deskanus.com
  7. In case of Cancellation, 10% charge will be relevant.
  8. Mention your account details so that we can send your money into your bank account.

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