Pineapple Pastries


We all love pastries, don’t we? For all the immense joy and delicious taste they provide us, we just cannot get enough of them. And who can afford to miss the rich, creamy flavour of Pineapple Pastries - one of the most flavoursome and inviting desserts?

People from all walks of life have a weakness for pastries no matter what the flavour. But kids are have a liking for baked food items are pineapple pastries are no exception.

The very thought of a pineapple pastry makes you feel like grabbing one. The lusciousness of such a toothsome dessert cannot be expressed in plain words. You have to eat it to feel the sweet temptation.

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  • Qty: 4Pcs, 8Pcs, 12Pcs, 16Pcs, 20Pcs

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Based on 0 Reviews & Ratings.

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