Pineapple Cupcakes

SKU: CUP1105

Loaded with crushed pineapple, moist and fulsome pineapple cupcakes are paired with coconut buttercream in the most ideal way for a lavish treat. Pineapple Cupcakes are a perfect treat for people blessed with a tooth sweet.

These cupcakes - fun and tropical - can satisfy any craving. These pineapple-flavoured cupcakes come equipped with an unspoilt fruit and topped not only with coconut buttercream, but toasted coconut as well.

We’re sure that these delicious cupcakes will make you a little out of control as you would not be able to take hold of your craving for long. Moreover, these pineapple cupcakes can be topped with dried pieces of the fruit or a slice of pineapple.

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  • Qty: 6Pcs, 12Pcs

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