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Top 10 Things to Do on Valentine’s Day for Couples

Top 10 Things to Do on Valentine’s Day for Couples

Just in case you have forgotten, here is a little reminder about the upcoming Valentine’s Day. It is the day you can shower your beloved with lots of gifts including a Valentine's Day Cake and even propose her/him and take the relationship to another level.

You may also want to entice your beloved with some unique and innovative ideas to show your affection. However, what you do will depend upon how long you have been seeing each other and the kind of romance you share. If you have been looking for gifts and other ideas to be used on Valentine’s Day then we have got you covered. Here’s what you can do for Valentine’s Day.

1. Just Started Seeing Each Other

Seeing Each Other

Hmm, so both of you like each but haven’t made it official yet? The best way to do it is to invite her home for dinner. Make sure you have some wine and rose waiting for her. You can also cap the evening with a beautiful and delicious Valentine Day cake as dessert and propose to her while enjoying the cake and the quiet moments.

2. First Valentine's Day after Proposing

First Valentine's

So, you have recently proposed to her? Then Valentine’s Day will hold a new significance in your life. Make it more romantic by sending her some roses and Cakes for Valentine’s Day to her office and surprise her. She will definitely feel flattered and loved all the same time. In return, be assured that she will surprise you with something sexy. Wink!

3. Last Minute Vacation

Last Minute Vacation

This works best for couples who have lost their initial spark and gone past the honeymoon stage. If you still want to see how you guys fair together then look for some last minute flight to some amazing place. Alternatively, you could visit a secluded place located a few hours away from your city. Taking time out from your busy schedule can win you brownie points and bring back the spark into your life again.

4. Kisses


If you are bold enough, then this idea can be simply perfect if carried out well. Write down all kinds of kisses (like kiss on cheek etc.) on small pieces of paper. Fill an exquisite bag with all your ‘kisses’ and give it to your better half. Ask your wife/husband to pull a piece of paper one at a time and give your spouse whatever type of kiss is mentioned on the paper.

5. Have a Low Key Celebration

Low Key Celebration

Sometimes the outside stress (job deadlines, pesky boss, pollution etc.) can affect the healthiest and happiest relationships. To avoid the pressure of celebrating an elaborate Valentine’s Day you can always have a low key celebration: just the two of you. Order for pizzas and watch a movie together at home. Pre-order some lovely red roses and valentine cakes for your date and make the occasion memorable. To build up the passion you could give each other a massage and be prepared for what would happen next. Wink!

6. Newly Weds

Ok. So you had an expensive wedding and now broke. It does not matter. If this is your first Valentine’s Day after your marriage then make it special in every possible way. While your wife has gone out to run errands, you could recreate your wedding moments. Order a resplendent Valentine's Day cake and roses (similar to what you had on your wedding) for her. Pick up a lovely card and write a heartwarming message on it. Bring out the wedding photos and relive the moments again! She is sure to love all the attention and may even get into the honeymoon mood…

7. Going through a Rough Phase

Sometimes, things aren’t that easy in a relationship. Regardless of how long you two have been together, things can take a bad turn. In case you cannot see each other eye-to –eye then it will be better if you write a long, open letter expressing your truest feelings. You can then lovingly ask her/him to meet you at your favorite restaurant and then give the letter. The letter may help you reveal some feelings that you have been hiding and open up a dialogue between the two of you. This beautiful gesture may get back your marriage on the right track. Good luck.

8. Scavenger Hunt

Trust us; this scavenger hunt game is definitely worth a try. Make him/her answer riddles to the clues of gifts that you have hidden around your house or town. Ensure that the last clue leads him/her to your Valentine’s Day surprise.

9. Candle Light Dinner at Home minus the Kids

Candle Light Dinner

This Valentine’s Day, create an intimate evening at home, without the kids. Do everything together- from planning of the menu to the shopping of the ingredients and then cooking it together can be really romantic. Cooking to soft romantic music in the background can be a turn on! Light aromatic candles around the dining area and dine with soft music.

This is sure to be a great mood setter. Follow it up with a slow, romantic dance with just the two of you on the dance floor. Don’t forget to charm her with chocolates, flowers and cakes for Valentine’s Day. Whatever this may lead to, we are sure that this romantic night cannot be created at any restaurant and will instead be an everlasting memory.

10. Not a V-Day Enthusiast

Some people may not like the idea of showering all the love and gifts on only a particular day. And it is fine. You can however suggest him/her to do something fun together on Valentine’s Day. Try something you have never done before such as rock climbing, cycling through nature trails, watching a live performance or an impromptu road trip. Pamper her with a bunch of lovely red roses and a heart shaped valentine’s cake.

Loving someone or being loved by someone need not be a one day affair. But, just taking some time out from your busy schedules to do something extra special on Valentine’s Day can help you bond better.

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