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6 Baby Shower Themes We Absolutely Adore

6 Baby Shower Themes We Absolutely Adore

Becoming a mom, especially for the first time, is a very special event. Whether you’re hosting a baby shower or godh bharai, you can have a blast doing it with these baby shower themes that we just couldn’t help but squeal over.

1. About To Pop!

As they say, “She’s about to pop!” Make “pop” your baby shower theme with clever wordplay-inspired snacks and decor. For example, champagne cocktails are not only great for serving but also for decoration. Fill a glass jar with bottle corks, or use mini champagne bottles as tabletop decor. Popcorn is an easy snack for guests, whether you serve them up at the shower or place them into little treat bags for a take-home favor. For a bite of something sweet, cake pops are the way to go.

Another great thing about this theme is that it can be any color you want, not just pink. For something gender-neutral, try green or yellow, or go bold with orange!

2. Sunny Days Ahead!

A baby marks a new dawn in your life, so what could be more suitable for a baby shower theme than a sunny breakfast? Host a morning baby shower with a cheerful yellow palette and delicious breakfast foods. This versatile theme simply requires yellow decorations of your choice (like plates, napkins, and our Pink Ellie invitations) plus your favorite morning goodies to munch on.

3. Enter the Jungle

A baby sure can make things wild — in the best way possible! Throw a jungle-themed baby shower featuring adorable animals to signal the wildly happy times to come. Start with our Join the Jungle baby shower invitations, then print out some free decorations right at home. We were amazed to discover these cute jungle-themed printables from Ellinee, absolutely free: animal stickers, customized water bottle labels (makes a great favor!), door or table sign, cupcake toppers and straw flags, and a “Welcome Baby” bunting.

4. Worldwide Delivery

As the folk tale goes, a stork brings the baby into the parents’ welcoming arms. There’s no place too far on Earth for the stork, so this charming story pairs perfectly with a “welcome to the world” baby shower theme. Globes and maps make excellent decorations, and you can keep with the theme with our Welcome Delivery invitations. Try writing “Welcome Baby!” on an old, framed map, or cut up the map into place cards for the guests or the food.

5. All that Glitters

When in doubt, go with a color theme! Just choose one or two of your favorite colors to create a simple but gorgeous baby shower theme. A pink and gold theme, for example, looks spectacular and leaves you with many choices for decorations and food. It can be as simple or as fancy as you’d like!

6. Sprinkled with Love

If you want to make a second- or third-time mom-to-be feel special, a baby sprinkle is just the thing. Since baby showers are traditionally for first-time moms only, a sprinkle is a great casual alternative — and also the perfect theme! Sky blue decorations, clouds, and raindrops make for a very charming baby sprinkle. Cut out the simple cloud and raindrop shapes from white and blue paper for easy cupcake toppers and hanging decorations. Pop open a couple of cute umbrellas to complete the look!

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