Black Forest Pastries


Looking for something sweet to sink your teeth into? Settle for no less than those Black Forest Pastries that take you on a heavenly ride with every single bite. Or, treat your close ones to something sugary on all those special occasions that are meant to be celebrated with dessert as toothsome as Black Forest Pastries.

Black Forest is a great flavour that’s cherished across the globe by people from all walks of life. And butterscotch pastries are the ultimate choice for people with sweet tooth. They are made using the best ingredients by the most skilled chefs.

So, leave your and loved ones’ taste buds completely satisfied with such a sweet obsession.

Product Specifications:

  • Qty: 4Pcs, 8Pcs, 12Pcs, 16Pcs, 20Pcs

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Based on 0 Reviews & Ratings.

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