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6 Blue Orchids Bouquet

Representing peace and strength, blue orchids are beautiful blossoms that have been associated with romance for long.

If you’re looking a wonderful gift for your special someone, settle for no less than a 6 Blue Orchids Bouquet. Since Valentine’s Day is a day when people show their love and express their feelings for their beloved, is there anything that seems more romantic than a lovely bouquet of exotic 6 Blue Orchids - very rare flowers.

Not only do beautiful 6 Blue Orchids offer a cool, but also a soothing effect to anyone laying their eyes on them for the first time. That stunning blue shade of orchids leaves everyone in awe. The Blue Orchids Bouquet is hand tied delicately so that every flowers retains its aroma for several hours.

Product Specifications:

  • 6 Blue Orchids
  • Paper Packing
  • Ribbon Bow

De Skanus Disclaimers

  • Delivered items little bit different from the displayed picture on website.
  • Delivered products may not be refunded or changeed. Customer's should check the order during delivery.

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Based on 0 Reviews & Ratings.

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